BCT - Behavioural Couples Therapy



BCT - Behavioural Couples Therapy

BCT is a type of couples therapy approach wherein a couple is taught skills on how to recognise some vicious cycles that maintain relationship distress and more importantly, taught strategies to get out of these. Behavioural Couples Therapy is a structured and goal-oriented couples therapy which can help couples in areas like conflict reduction, communication, problem-solving, joint decision making etc. An additional component of BCT is Sensate Focus. This component is particularly useful for couples for whom sexual intimacy and physical closeness have become minimum or non-existent. This is for couples who are facing relational issues and are seeking counselling or therapy.
We provide this couples therapy (BCT) as a group session as well, which we call 'Enhancing Relationship Course'.

What is 'Enhancing Your Relationship' Course ?

The ‘Enhancing your relationship’ (EYR) course is a series of 10 sessions, designed to coach couples on various areas of their relationship. The sessions will be held online via Zoom.

How does it work ?

The course content is structured, and it enables a couple to undertake a journey together that will give them a space to talk, discover and strengthen their relationship along the way.
• Each session lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes (which includes times for each couple to have conversations).
• We would encourage the couple to make it feel as special as possible and so please make time for this in your diary and be as creative as you want to design the time like ‘date night’. (Suggestions: candles, snacks, drinks, kids in another room!)

What will the sessions be about?

Sessions 1&2: Reviewing your connections, creating ground rules for the group, exploring existing couple satisfaction levels, setting goals on what you as a couple want out of these sessions.
Sessions 3&4: Discovering (or re-discovering) the skill of effective communication, learning a framework for sharing thoughts and feelings to have difficult conversations without it escalating to a conflict.
Session 5: Using the framework from previous sessions- building trust and handling anger.
Session 6: Understanding and managing the influence of family & friends on the relationship.
Session 7: Healing from past hurts- forgiving and being forgiven.
Session 8&9: Enhancing your sex life – introduction to Sensate Focus/ Sensual Intercourse
Session 10: Reviewing initial goals, how to maintain progress achieved and what to do in case of a setback.

What would be the format?

Whilst the sessions will be online via Zoom and in a teaching kind of style, we encourage couples to be as interactive as possible with the trainer. But at no point will couples be asked to share anything which they are not comfortable with. They will not also be paired up with other couples for any group tasks etc. Each activity that the trainer gives is to be done by each couple on their own.
The trainer uses a mix of activities, principles, top tips on what works and what doesn’t and gives time for participants to reflect, ask questions and feedback at the end of every session. There will always be a 10–15-minute break in the 1.5 hours to enable better concentration levels.
The sessions will be video-recorded and shared with the participants at the end of every session. So, if someone misses a session, they can watch the video and get up to speed before the next session. If during a session, someone is sharing something that they do not want recorded, they can request the video to be paused. The video will not be shared by the trainer to anyone else outside of this group.

Express interest for the next session.

If you would like to be part of the next group, please express you interest by contacting us.